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The Friendship Saver Program - Third Edition includes all new gender neutral graphics, updated posters, and new content.

Much cooler, if we do say so

our selves!

HERE is Some of OUR NEW STUFF....We think it's pretty cool

Since 2008 The Friendship Saver Program has undergone extensive research and development. As such, many copies have been produced, since the original Pilot Edition and Research Program Edition. 

We are very grateful to everyone that has demonstrated interest in The Friendship Saver Program from it's early days and always seek to supply people with updates to new editions.

The Third Edition was officially launched in June 2016. If you have purchased The Friendship Saver Program in the 8 months prior to this time, please send us an email and we will send you a new Third Edition at not cost to you.

If you had purchased an earlier edition of The Friendship Saver Program, we would love to bring you up to speed and share some of our new additions with you. This includes:

- New gender neutral graphics for all images (posters and manual parts)

- New Drama Triangle ('The Lion, The Magpie and The Mouse')

- 7 Newly designed A2 Posters for all key concepts

- New 'Working in Groups' Chapter/Lesson Plan

- New Gender Neutral Plays and Performances for the Program Finale

- Extension Activity Cards

Plus a heavy edited manual with extended explanations of the programs pedagogy, all to make it super easy for educators to pick up the program and delivery the content like a pro!

If you have purchased a previous copy of The Friendship Saver Program, and would like to now receive the Third Edition please complete the form below. The purchase price to update your program is $80AU plus delivery. This is significantly reduced from the full program price of $180AU. This reduction is gestured to ensure that we don't disadvantage or penalise schools that have supported The Friendship Saver Program though it's early research and development. To receive an invoice to update your program to the full Third Edition, please complete the form below.

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