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The Friendship Saver Program (F.S.P) is an evidence-based early intervention program designed to teach children how to manage conflict independently.

The F.S.P has been written for class teachers, school psychologists and school counsellors, and designed to be delivered in classrooms to primary school aged students.

The program is based upon psychological theory and intentional pedagogy including experiential learning, enquiry-based discussions and socio-drama. Over 8-12 weeks students develop a shared language and skill set for understanding friendship, conflict, independent problem solving skills and conflict management strategies.  

What's Included in the Program?

The program is consistent with The National Safe Schools framework and SEL framework. It can be incorporated into a health and well-being curriculum or embedded alongside a restorative justice framework.

The F.S.P was first developed in 2008 for an all girls' Australian school based in Sydney. Following a successful pilot program, the F.S.P has undergone formal evaluation as part of a PhD project at The University of Melbourne, and several independent action research projects.

This year the third edition of the F.S.P was released, with changes informed by the research. This includes (but is not limited to) new program sessions, extension activities, gender neutral materials, and importantly, user friendly lesson plans and descriptive program manual that has removed the need for training. These changes help to provide schools with an accessible and affordable program that can be readily embedded and delivered year after year.